1. Strabismus Ophthalmic Surgery Instruments Set
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    Strabismus Ophthalmic Surgery Instruments Set

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    Strabismus Ophthalmic Surgery Instruments Set
    1. Lieberman Speculum, solid blade, small
    2. Lieberman Speculum, solid blade, large
    3. Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, curved (2)
    4. Serrefine, small, straight (2)
    5. Helveston Retractor, 7mm wide
    6. Helveston Retractor, 9mm wide
    7. Helveston Retractor, 11mm, concave
    8. Helveston Teaser Hook, 6mm (3)
    9. Helveston Finder Hook, large
    10. Helveston Finder Hook, small
    11. Helveston Muscle Hook, 8mm
    12. Helveston Muscle Hook, 10mm
    13. Helveston Muscle Hook, 12mm
    14. Helveston Scleral Ruler
    15. Castroviejo Caliper, straight
    16. Westcott Tenotomy Scissors
    17. Westcott Stitch Scissors
    18. Bonn Forceps, 0.12mm
    19. Moody Fixation Forceps, left
    20. Moody Fixation Forceps, right
    21. Lester Fixation Forceps, 2x3 (3)
    22. Helveston Tying Forceps (2)
    23. Castroviejo Needle Holder, straight, w/lock
    24. Barraquer Needle Holder, curved, w/lock
    25. Bishop-Harmon A/C Irrigator
    26. Chuck Handle
    27. Miniature Blade #69 (bx)
    28. Sterilizing Case, Stainless Steel (not shown)